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Freezing in place, slow falling without convulsions, non-stop motor activity. Automatisms are repetitive actions. They are as follows. Swallowing. Chewing. Smacking. Sucking. Grimacing. Blink. Frowning. Hiss. Mumbling. Whistling. Stomping. Rubbing hands. Stroking. Looking back. unconsciousness of actions. Actions seem conscious (the patient turns on the gas, drives a car, etc.). No response to appeal. Lack of cleocin to external stimuli. Such attacks last 3 minutes, and after them the patient feels headaches and cannot remember, what's happened.

About clindamycin Temporal lobe epilepsy is becoming common due to negative environmental factors that contribute to this.

Secondary generalized seizures are accompanied by convulsions and loss of consciousness, representing a severe form of temporal lobe epilepsy.

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Over time, a person's emotional-personal, intellectual and mental spheres are violated. The patient becomes withdrawn, slow, conflict, long thinking. Often, temporal lobe epilepsy first manifests itself in childhood. From its name, the concept is already given, where exactly the lesion is located. Temporal lobe epilepsy in children manifests itself in different forms. focal, complex partial, secondary generalized.

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In 80% of cases, epileptic seizures are preceded by a condition called an aura. Depending on the location of cleocin pills, the aura is.



It is better to diagnose the disease not only with the help of electroencephalography, which shows violations only at the time of the seizure, but also with the help of MRI and positron emission tomography. There are certain developmental disorders in a child who has temporal lobe epilepsy.

It is possible to diagnose temporal lobe epilepsy up to a year. Basically, treatment is aimed at controlling the occurrence of seizures, reducing their number of manifestations.

This helps to lengthen the remission time and improve the patient's well-being. With timely treatment, it is possible to completely get rid of the disease in 60% of cases.

In the treatment of generic clindamycin lobe epilepsy, anticonvulsant therapy is used, which in 60% of cases reduces the number of seizures, and in 11-25% of cases a prolonged absence of seizures is recorded.

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If clindamycin drug is ineffective, several are prescribed at once (Finlepsin and Lamictala or Finlepsin and Depakine). Lamotrigine and benzodiazepines are also prescribed. However, the patient becomes addicted to them. They give only a temporary effect in stopping the occurrence of seizures. This forces doctors to use other methods of treating temporal lobe epilepsy - neurosurgical intervention. Amygdalotomy. Selective hippocampotomy. focal resection. Temporal resection.

These procedures allow you to permanently get rid of epileptic seizures (in 75-80% of cases), since the source of their occurrence is eliminated. In other (more complex) cases, these measures are ineffective. Complications may arise. Hemiparesis. Mental disorders. Speech disorder.